Our journey so far


NuLife Pharmaceuticals started its journey in 1973 with the promise of providing quality medicines. Since its inception, the company has grown and has added many divisions to its production. NuLife products enjoy a respectable market share all over India. NuLife is actively making its presence felt in the international pharmaceutical segment.


  • 1973

    NuLife was born under the dynamic leadership of Mr. J. A. Trivedi with head office in Mumbai and Pune, and operations in Maharashtra.

  • 1975

    NuLife further expanded its operations in North and West India

  • 1979

    Establishment of NuLife's manufacturing unit in the industrial township of Pimpri, Pune.

  • 1979

    Dermatology range was started with Gamascab Lotion for Scabies, which till date remains the brand leader in India.

  • 1980

    India's No. 1 leading brand in the Ear Wax Dissolving Range, Soliwax Ear Drops was launched.

  • 1987

    NuLife expanded its operations to South India

  • 1990

    Best Safety Performance Award by the Director (Health and Safety) was awarded to NuLife.

  • 1991

    NuLife received its first WHO GMP Certificate for its manufacturing plant and products and started marketing its products in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • 1994

    NuLife launched its Ayurvedic product segment.

  • 1995

    NuLife launched Salactin Paint, India's leading brand and the most effective treatment for warts, corns and calluses.

  • 1999

    NuLife won the prestigious "Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award", instituted by the Indian Bureau of Standards for the year 1997 along with the Commendation Certificates for 1995 and 1996.

  • 2002

    NuLife ventured into ophthalmic products with FFS Technology.

  • 2009

    NuLife entered into pain management with Aceparon and Tramy Tablets

  • 2010

    NuLife introduced Salen Capsules and Topical Lotion specially formulated for Vitiligo treatment.

  • 2013

    NuLife introduced Nunaf Tablets, which arrest the hearing loss in Otosclerosis.

  • 2013

    NuLife further expanded its operations to East India.

  • 2014

    NuLife launched Saltnase Tablets, a unique Nasal Rinse product.

  • 2015

    NuLife is having its marketing and distribution nationwide. The company is expanding its horizons with export markets.

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