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NuLife believes that what really matters is not so much success but the way in which it is achieved. Hence, we focus mainly on the quality of our products. All our products are WHO GMP Certified and are made maintaining the most stringent quality standards.

Our products are formulated, made and tested according to the rigorous criteria of the pharmaceutical industry and sold in India and various countries across the world, NuLife's products accompany patients throughout the world for a better management of patient treatments.

We are manufacturers of various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquid orals and external preparations such as ointments, creams, lotions and proprietary ayurvedic formulations. Our capabilities and expertise over the years have resulted in continued demand for our patented and proprietary medicines. We have products various ranges like ENT, Dermatology, Ophthalmic, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Dentistry, Ayurvedic and Veterinary.

Our brands like Soliwax Ear Drops, Salactin Paint, and Gamascab Lotion are the leading brands in their categories. Soliwax Ear Drops has been the most trusted earwax dissolvent. It is the leading brand in India in Ear Wax Dissolvents. Soliwax Ear Drops has been treating millions for over 30 years. Salactin Paint is a unique formula specially designed for topical treatment for warts, corns and calluses. Salactin Paint softens the hard skin growth, quickly, painlessly, without scarring.

We have recently launched Saltnase Tablets with Nasal Rinse Bottle. It is a nasal rinse system which rinses the nasal passage removing the debris such as bacteria and virus. It rinses, cleans and moisturises the nasal passage, regenerating the nasal mucosa. One can use it for congestion, irritants, and to maintain a healthy nose and sinuses. Saltnase helps one to wash their nose clean, the natural way.

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