Towards the road of success

Life At NuLife

NuLife offers unparalleled growth and opportunities for all. The work culture at NuLife is open and transparent. NuLife believes in providing the best facilities and environment necessary for overall development and progress.

Our people and our culture enable successful careers. We share a bond where we are:

  • One Family
  • Committed to Caring
  • Dedicated towards providing the best of healthcare products
  • Passionate about our work
  • Responsible towards the society
  • Succeeding together as a team
  • Eager to learn and apply our knowledge

If you share any of these qualities, you are definitely one of us. When you join our team, we are prepared to help you grow in your career and build a healthier and happier world with NuLife.

Excellence is our driving force

At NuLife, we strive for excellence in all fields. We constantly motivate each other in realizing one's best potential.

Teamwork is our strength

We believe in working together towards achieving a common goal. Guiding those who are new and learning from the experienced, contribute immensely towards our success.

Equal opportunity

At NuLife, we provide equal opportunities to participate, learn and grow, regardless of background, gender or age. Respect for one another is crucial for success.

Culture and Diversity

We have always wanted NuLife to be a place that brings together smart and talented people from different cultures and diversity of backgrounds. As each of us bring a unique set of experiences, our shared values help us succeed in the right direction and make the best of the decisions.

We want to make your life better and easier

We encourage you to focus on the things you love at work. We are constantly searching for unique ways to improve the health and happiness of our employees. Our ultimate hope is that you become a better person by working here.

Your interests and needs evolve over your lifetime. We evaluate our benefits regularly and adapt them to your needs. As with anything at NuLife, your benefits are an open conversation and your feedback is a part of the equation. You're valuable to us, and our benefits are there to show it.

We care about you and your family

Our benefits exist to make sure that your needs are taken care of. As your family matters to you, they become important to us too. For this, we have a number of benefit programs to support you and your loved ones. We provide you with the Contribution to Employees Provident Fund.

A Great Workplace for Women

At NuLife, we encourage women to grow in their careers. Our work culture enables them to feel safe and comfortable while working with us. Each one of our women employees is highly productive in their field of work. We support them through life’s various stages and situations. We provide maternity leave and flexible work timings to help women welcome their new bundle of joy.

Your Health is Our Priority

The health and well-being of our employees is deeply rooted in our values. We conduct annual medical check ups for all of our employees and offer convenient medical services that help in keeping you healthy and happy.

Driving Your Career Forward

Our supportive culture along with our strategic focus on 'People' and 'Values' make NuLife's environment geared towards career growth. We provide the resources to help you build your skills and gain recognition for the value you bring to your work. Working with us will give you the unique opportunity to make a personal impact in your career, within our businesses and on the world.

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