Our guiding principles


NuLife's approach regarding its mission, vision, ethics and values has played an invaluable role in the success and growth of the company. They have contributed in developing and defining the company culture and work principles.


  • To be amongst the top healthcare companies.
  • To ensure better quality of life for people by providing the best in healthcare, pharma and allied products, of the highest standards.


  • Emerge as a quality producer, visible, competitive and committed member of global health-care industry.
  • Be a highly ethical organization.
  • Commit to customer service, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.
  • Emerge as one of the benchmarked companies in the healthcare industry.


  • At NuLife, we strive for excellence on ethical ground. Our work principles are guided by regulatory norms and ethics. We adhere to set policies, procedures and values
  • All officers, employees, contract workers, vendors or people associated with NuLife are required to read, understand and abide by our code of conduct. According to our company policy, we do not tolerate any illegal or unethical practice or any other conducts which violate our principles
  • We believe in transparency in all our actions and business dealings
  • We are proactive in ensuring that our values are understood and implemented correctly


  • We value "All our Employees, Customers, Bankers, Depositors and Suppliers" as our prime assets
  • We believe that "Integrity", "Honesty", "Tolerance" and "Patience" are the fundamental virtues in business
  • We actively promote "Holistic Human Development" as part of building intellectual capital in our organization
  • We are committed to building a culture of "Excellence" and "World-Class" standards through benchmarking and continuous enhancement of our performance standards.

Our 'Code of Conduct' can be downloaded here

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