Excellence is an art won by training and habituation


The key to success of any company lies in the productivity and effectiveness of its employees and training plays an important role. It is necessary for updating skills and WHO-GMP knowledge of personnel engaged in various activities at the site. NuLife Pharmaceutical focuses on providing training to its entire workforce.

Basic and In-service Training and its Records:

  • Training is a key area for updating skills and WHO-cGMP knowledge of personnel engaged in various activities at the site. Methodical training plays a vital role and this is practised company wide and tailored to specific grades and hierarchy. We broadly divide this in, on the job training, group training and even outside training.
  • Induction training is given to new employees at the site.
  • The department managers identify training needs. Based on the identified training needs and the annual training schedule on SOP's and WHO-GMP's, training sessions are conducted by qualified trainers of the organization.
  • After training, each employee is evaluated. Based on the their assessment, re-training needs are identified. Section heads are responsible for identifying the training needs of the departmental heads and departmental heads are responsible for person working under them. Training program is organized individually or in a group and is based on the area of operation of the staff.

Training for Sales staff:

  • NuLife provides induction training program for all the new employees in sales. In depth training is given to them regarding pharmaceutical and clinical studies of various ingredients.
  • Training program is organised individually or in a group at the head quarter by the sales management team. After training, each employee is evaluated. We ensure that our sales staff understands the healthcare industry and are committed to providing the best in healthcare.
  • Regular training programs are also held for existing field staff updating them with the new molecules and pharmaceutical studies of various ingredients and compositions. Our mission is to provide the best in healthcare and each of our field staff echoes the same mission.

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