NuNaf Tablets

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NuNaf Tablets

Each hard gelatin capsule contains water extracts corresponding to
Ashwagandha    250 mg
Shatavari    175 mg
Musli    50 mg
Talimkhana    150 mg
Koshta kulinja    30 mg
Salem mishri    30 mg
Bala    200 mg
Punaranava    50 mg
Excipients    q.s.


  • General debility and weakness
  • Anxiety


  • Adsup capsules is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine, which restores vitality and maintains good health
  • It is a good remedy for promoting strength and in nervous debility
  • Provides nutritive tonic factors and helps in rebuilding tissues
  • Reduces anxiety and promotes serenity
  • Builds immunity, improves the intellect and stimulates digestion
  • Used in pre and post natal problems

As directed by physician

Blister Strip of 10 Capsules


Note: To be used only on the advice of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

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