NuNaf Tablets

Cremalgin Ointment (Mephensin, Methyl Salicylate, Methyl Nicotinate, Capsicum Oleoresin, Menthol and Camphor Ointment) Back

NuNaf Tablets

Mephenesin I.P.85    5.0% w/w
Methyl Salicylate I.P.    12.5% w/w
Methyl Nicotinate B.P.    1.0% w/w
Capsicum Oleoresin U.S.P.    0.1% w/w
Menthol I.P.    5.0% w/w
Camphor B.P.    5.0% w/w
Washable Ointment Base    q.s.

For prompt relief from pain in Lumbago, Sciatica, Fibrositis, Sprains and Strains, Low back pain, Muscular pain.


  • Cremalgin DL Gel penetrates deeply, directly at the site of pain
  • Relief of pain in joints, muscles, tendons and ligments
  • Increased freedom of movement in people with ankle sprains
  • Combines analgesics and anti-inflammatory action
  • Reduction in stiffness

Directions of Use:
Massage gently on the painful areas, several times daily or as directed by the physicians

15 g tube

Note: To be used only on the advice of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

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